This Version of You

Listened to this song by Odesza on repeat this morning. Made me think of and feel so many things. Sent it to @Angelsloveyou and she thought it would be good to share here with all of you, too. Interested in what it brings up for you.

For me, it’s about seeing who I am right now through my own eyes and no one else’s.


This version of you
Simply becomes real
(Harry, can you say, “I love you” yet?)
(I can’t)
(Yes you can)
And you’re right here with this version of you
To see things as they really are
This version of you looking at you
(Hey Clay, wave hi)
You looking back
This version of you welcoming you
(Clay, you got a friend)
This version of you saying, “Yes”
I’d like you to imagine
This version of you


I wasn’t able to listen yet as I don’t have Spotify on my phone. But the lyrics speak to me inside where there is someone listening.


Here is a Youtube version. :heartpulse:


When I received this song I was struggling with anxiety about someplace I needed to go and didn’t want to. I had been asking my spirit buddies to help me get it done. One of the messages was “To see things as they really are”, then “you’ve got a friend” and “this version of you saying YES”. “I’d like you to imagine This version of you.” (saying yes). It felt very much like an answer from my guides through a friend to go do what needed to be done and it could be easy.
I stepped out and just as I was going to open the car door I saw a white feather, another angel sign that they were with me and helping.
So the timing of the song coming to me (thank you Dru, you are an earth angel) was absolutely perfect. I accomplished my mission and indeed it was so easy.

The other thing that I got from this song was how Odesza was talking rather than singing. I have thought I’d love to play with lyrics and talk them rather than sing. Fun. So this version of me has many possibilities saying YES.


Thank you Dru. Much appreciated. It’s really really lovely