The sound of intuition guiding us

What is the sound of your intuition?

When I was in my head and my body was sick, trauma had so affected my primitive brain that it had an immediate reaction to virtually ANYTHING.

And yeah, it felt like an Inner Critic.

My spiritual teachers at the time, as a condition of working with me, required that I meditate before breakfast and before dinner, 20 minutes sitting in a chair.

After ONLY 1.5 years of 2x daily meditation, I really did start noticing that after a thought was criticized and threats all made raw and “real” (even when they were not)… there was a stillness and gap.

If I went a bit deeper within… and listened… my intuitive guidance was there.

  • It felt kind and understanding, even if directing me in another way than I’d been going.
  • It did not “need” to “rush in” with an assertion… it was patient in a way I honestly wasn’t used to.
  • It seemed to have access to more “data” about what was right for me in the moment than, well, made sense to my head at the time.

Clarity is a gift we give ourselves. It does mean becoming still and calm enough to allow the “reactiveness” to rise and allows to fall quiet enough to hear and “still voice” within.

My work with clients and EFT Tapping has a core intention the quieting down (that is also available through meditation and other practices) and the healing of trauma so the true essence of the person rises and becomes clear… to THEM. And, if they want to, emerge and engage in the world to share their gifts and accept their gaps.

Love to you :heavy_heart_exclamation:


When I meditate I fall asleep almost always. I do receive messages in dreams but not enough to rely on for guidance. I have been told that maybe falling asleep is ok but somehow it doesn’t feel ok. Interestingly enough though, I receive more guidance for clients or others than I do for myself. I will “see” or “hear” or just “feel” when I’m working with a client.

However I seem to “know” when not to drink coffee and when my body will accept it happily. I have received intuition and angel guidance for myself which is helpful. I just wish it came more often.

I have not found that gap you talk about Rick. I would like to learn more about how to get better about hearing the sounds/feelings of my intuition versus my trauma misleading me.


So if there’s a situation where you want guidance, there’s usually / always an anxiety-critical reaction that kicks in? Because what I’m reading is that sometimes you KNOW when not to drink coffee or when your body would happily accept it.

That feels like the intuition I’m referring to.

With clients you get clairvoyance (to use that term, a clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) or the other I cannot remember the name of that refers to kinesthetic awareness – clairkinesthesia?

Anyway, many people have a predominant one for themselves – mine is auditory for me. And then have more felt senses or visuals with others. I believe we can practice the others… perhaps imagining this being Jean coming to you with an Asking.

In our discussion on third person I recalled that when I was learning intuitive guidance, I would write out the question… and then I would tune into the answer coming for this person named “Rick” (not me).

When I was really stuck, I’d even ask the question in third person, “Rick is feeling stuck and is wanting to choose between going to Italy with the family or staying home for solitude and healing. What would you have Rick be aware of right now as he’s exploring this choice?”

In that context it is different than black and white “should I go to Italy or not!!!” It’s an opening to awareness and divine wisdom… and asking not to be “told what to do” – rather to be clear, inspired, reassured, supported, kindled, awakened, and supported.

Mmmm, thanks for sharing! Took me back and helps me to clarify.

I’m curious what state of being and “attitude” you have with clients that might be different than when Asking is for self?


I have all four of the clairs and they work together. Clairsentience (recognizing feelings) and claircognizance (knowing) are the other two besides clairaudience (hearing) and Clairvoyance (seeing).

Yes practicing third person would be a helpful practice indeed. I will try this. Automatic writing is another way. I used to do this years ago. Asking the question, hold a pen or sit at the keyboard letting the thoughts, feelings, hearing flow.

Psychometry was another practice we learned in psychic development classes which is holding an object in our hands and let it tell us where it came from, what energies are within. Like holding a woman’s ring and sensing her energies. In class I held a small statue and a whole story flowed including where it came from and the person’s first name who gave it to the center. It was quite amazing.

I hold my angel stone in my hand while talking with clients or doing an email reading. I have angel cards that I shuffle and lay down in front of me. These are some of the tools I use and once I get started these clairs kick in. I do ask my angels and their angels to guide me, then it flows.

Yes anxiety kicks in when I want my own answers. But I have received guidance. I would like it to be more consistent. I sure have some questions when I pass over. Or will it matter then?


Thank you for listing the four clairs, and that they do indeed work together!