The New Paper - News with less fear

Yeah, I’m someone who still has as part of his identity “I am well-informed.” I’m working on it. :wink:

This particular resource is one that has helped during times when the sensationalism and polarization of many media sources has made it difficult on my nervous system to even track the bullet-point headlines.

It arrives, there are a few key bullets, there are some links were I can go deeper if I feel the need… but mostly it lets me go on with my day feeling like anything particularly “key” will be in my softer awareness.


P.S. I want the Community We-Space to be a place where we can share resources that matter to our Thriving. If you have a financial or relationship interest in what you’re sharing, please check with us first and disclose that when you post.

The New Paper service is a paid subscription now (1-March-2021). The referral link just tracks who supports them.


I am one who likes to be “well-informed” too. I’m not necessarily working on it but I want truth not sensationalism. My curiosity sometimes gets me riled up a bit but I didn’t “kill the cat”. I signed up to see what it’s like.


See the book

I read this book at a time I needed more clarity about how I was being Played by the media, especially the invisible AI behind social media.

It was the latter part of this quote that really struck me. Over and over again, the more I consumed the news media, the less generous I was the able to be. Weird isn’t it? Until you understand that if there is a person who comes by your house every hour and points to stuff “out there” that isn’t safe, you won’t want to leave your house… and your heart will stay protected – best you can – which for hearty people like me was nearly deadly.

Makes me wonder how much of our heart disease epidemic is as a result of this energetic… where we’re not getting the “flow” of being in generous service with others.

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