The Heart

Gil Hedley is someone I follow on Facebook. He describes himself as a Somanaut: "Like the astronaut who navigates outer space, the somanaut is dedicated to exploring the inner space of human form." He’s also a poet and seems like a bit of an untamed spirit. I like his mind and his writing.

"The heart is an organ of emotional sensation. With our hearts, we feel, with astonishing sensitivity, far beyond the boundaries of our skin surface. Literally every heartbeat represents in its relative rhythm and intensity a response and accommodation to the heart’s perceptions. This ever changing witness of the heart to its environment is then communicated to every cell in our bodies, the DNA of which unfolds specifically in concerted response to this feeling-leadership, this witness, of the heart. Here’s the good news: you are safe to listen to your heart. You are born to be moved by your heart, to open your heart. Your love is always available to you, is always within your heart’s reach."