The Crazy Train stopped at the station and I got on

What a day it’s been. I’ve been feeling the “Crazy Train” arriving at my gate the past few days as one thing after another came up. I tapped, meditated, tapped more, meditated more, journaled. It all helped a little but today a major button got pushed and so many of these feels came up. I cried, I yelled, I paused, I listened, noticed, breathed, tapped, invited myself to feel calmer. I thanked myself for noticing and not being too hard on myself.

Things are not resolved yet nor was anything serious, just a lot of overload and needing to set boundaries, saying “no not right now”.

For now I’ve called on my Angels and Spirit buddies for clarity and decided to surrender so maybe I there is room to hear guidance. I just hope that by surrendering I’m not just pushing things down.


I’m right there with you, Jean. I’m certain, though that it’s not a run away train that we boarded because you and

The graphic you posted is such a beautiful reminder. P.S. I don’t think surrendering means you are pushing things down, on the contrary I think it means you have gotten the noise of the crazy train out of the way and are open to the guidance of your Angels and Spirit buddies. :heart: