The appreciation game... but it's nerve-wrecking?

I remembered Rick telling me about how we all could use a little bit more appreciation, especially after being so much programmed to criticize ourselves for every little decisions that we’ve made :’(((

Today was strangely a struggle. A trigger that popped up unenxpectedly! I was in class and we had a little group discussion. We were working on game concept ideas and I suggested a game video for the group to watch. Felt a little nervous when I was doing so because I was in the centre of attention. But what strike me was that everyone in the group liked the video that i shared! I was honestly surprised that my idea was so WELL received, that it triggered more nervousness in me! Luckily everything was on zoom so I was able to hide some of my anxiety symptoms like shaking :confounded:

But all in all, I just realised that I’ve lowered my expectations so much so that I already anticipated that people will brush off my ideas with like “ok cool”, “good idea but we can’t use them” mentality. And hang my head low until something like that comes along where people (esp when they are pretty much strangers to me - cause we only met for the 1st time) to say “hey, that was good! let’s do that! :smiley:

So, what are the things that we can very much appreciate more of for ourselves, even when there are those that don’t reflect that appreciation to us?

for me:

  • it’s my desire to play the guitar and to keep on learning even boring stuff that are actually really hard to master
  • my desire to work on my inner well-being, anxiety issues
  • my love for creativity in music
  • my struggle to learn singing and doing so, having to endure the social fears of being embarassed by my family members when voicing out those weird singing vowels :sweat:

Woohoo!! Appreciation!

So… I find myself curious.

Appreciation like Attention is a form of Energy

How do you handle Energy?

For example, if someone is “getting attention” they are literally speaking receiving energy from those giving their attention. It is palpable!

Energy Received is impactful – like being in the Sunshine

It’s my belief and understanding that if we’re not calm and confident handling certain energies, we’ll experience that unpreparedness as anxiety. So we end up slathering on protection – like sunscreen – to keep from being burned or overwhelmed.


As you wrote out those Self-Appreciations @Jun_Rong, I believe your strengthening, stabilizing, and growing your capacity to be… Appreciated!

Since positive attention is a form of Appreciation, you’re also building more capacity for that. Good news, eh?

Resilience involves a spectrum of energies

I invite any of us who feel “anxiety” to be more specific. Why? Because it may have similar nervous system and endocrine system stimulations, but there IS a difference in being resilient in the face of criticism… and being resilient in the receipt of praise, appreciation, and attention.

…Just as there’s a difference in handling cold and hot weather – even though both could be described as Uncomfortable – even intolerable!

Build resilience across the range of energies. Attune to the “vibe” of the energy that is present (or missing), and learn how to riff and roll and pause with those different vibes.

As a musician, that might be really fun for you! (Even if hard to “master” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

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Hey Rick,

Wow. That sure was insightful and something I’ve never thought of! Yes! I think this gives more clarity for me and when I am going to tap on the discomfort from being a receipt of appreciation and praise.! Thanks Rick! Working towards recalibration of resilience!!

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