Telling The Truth

I posted something else a while back by this gentleman who lives in my town, Wes Geitz. He’s a very interesting man. He’s an EFT’er and a tracker and wilderness survival/thrival person trained by northern Canadian indigenous peoples. He is known as ‘Wind Walker’ by them. I’ve seen him several times in years past for some tapping. This is from an email I received from him today. Enjoy!

Telling the truth

The Leopard told me once “It’s hard work, being a Grandfather”.

Years have gone by. More and more, I understand.

The Leopard gave me courage; the years, clear sight.

My duty now is to tell the truth.

Some truth lifts, pleases, brings joy.

Other truth stings, touches grief.

I owe you both.

Knowing that some will hurt, I owe you, gently, truth.

You may not like me for it.

I love you too much to care about that.

-Wes Gietz