Tapping, Angels, Meditation while Driving and so much more

For the last two evenings I’ve been watching and listening to Michael Sandler, who teaches automatic writing to communicate with our angels. How excited I was when Dawson Church showed up on one of his shows tapping about love and angels! What a fabulous and uplifting interview! At 23:54 he starts tapping with Michael and towards the end has imagine the hands of a clock while we hold the gamut point. I liked this.

Dawson talks about changing our morning habits of focusing on what problems we have to solve, challenges, schedules and future events to tapping into our potential. Our child energy was dancing and chasing fireflies born into a body. Then the traumas come. EFT can heal our traumas and help us get back to the energies we were born to be, powerful beings of oneness.

At the end he leads us into a powerful but so relaxing heart meditation which I want to practice. He says if we tap and meditate every day we change our vibrations and our world can change.

Dawson said he saw angel rays behind a clerk in a store, then he began seeing these and others. Then you start seeing and feeling this in yourself. He mentions how the person who pisses you off can be your greatest teacher and how to practice doing this. We can rewrite our reality. And yes he does have his challenges too. It’s not all butterflies and woo woo. These are more tools for our toolboxes. The calmer and more heart centered we become it begins to radiate to others and we begin elevating ours and others consciousness.

Dawson taught how he mediates when he’s driving. He has a three step meditation we can use that is fairly easy.

There is so much more to this interview and I just hit the highlights. I had to listen to bits and pieces of this to “get” it and will listen again, especially to the beautiful meditation. If nothing else, I invite you to meditate with him at 55:37


What a beautiful and generous summary, Jean! You have a way of getting the core energy shared in a way that helped me feel the essence even though right now I need to go tend to the baby. Bless you!

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Thank you for this, Angels.

I’ve made sure it’s saved so I can watch it later.