Talking About Alcohol

Here’s a short but very interesting (and smart) conversation about drinking and the culture of drinking. I think there’s some real nuggets of wisdom in here especially from John Mayer. Like all the members of my family I had a rocky relationship with booze for many years but, as Mayer says, I’ve graduated from that university (and I have no interest in a graduate degree).


So interesting! Because my husband would not discuss things with me and I had to push down so much, when I drank I let it all out. Of course he hated it. My truth came spewing out. Thankfully I never acquired a taste for alcohol and thankfully when I did get drunk I felt like I was coming out of anesthesia which I hated. But when I drank I guzzled and wanted more and more. I discovered that was a sign of possible alcoholism. My father and 2 uncles were alcoholics so I knew it ran in my family. One day my husband came home from work and found me and my sister in law snockered. It wasn’t pretty and he told me flat out that if he ever came home and found me like that again he was leaving. That didn’t solve our communication problems but it sure stopped me from getting a degree from that university too. (oops seems like I was playing the blame game here. I take full responsibility for my actions!)