Stop the shouting

:rose:“ In A World That Is Always Shouting, Whisper. ” with Leigh J McCloskey
*** In this short video Leigh discusses how we must become the bearings by which we begin to navigate our human story.
3:26 “If you think about gaining access to yourself part of the great key and code is listening, that’s why I talk about “whisper.” In other words, that which whispers inside of you that isn’t able to be heard if all you do is rumble and roar about the inhumanity, the injustices and cruelty and the stupidity of the human condition because it is true, that is part of the human condition. But you are the part of the human condition that brings to the table that whisper that says, maybe love is possible. Maybe I can’t convince the neighbor that it is, but maybe where I am I can, maybe I can honor these things like a gardener and if I do maybe I can’t grow a garden that is the garden of the world, but I can start a world within the garden that at least here let us whisper together. Let us realize that the timeless elements of love and humanity are not the things we discover in time, we don’t progress there, there is no app, no technology, no Cyborgian reality that we are going to plug in and get rid of the emptiness….”(4:21):pray:
*Special thanks
Robert Patrik Winston


I remember my spiritual teacher when she invited me to go within and listen… I said “sounds loud and often harsh.” She invited me to listen for the whisper, the “still small voice of Great Love and Understanding”.

Today I learn most, best, and sweetest from the softer voices in my life.

Thank you Jean!


This resonates a lot with me.
But I am feeling so sad as I am one of the shouters sometimes when I am in primitive brain and out of control. I shouted at my daughter over the course of a couple hours working on a school project with her and it feels irreparable. Her innocence and face and words and tears are wounds in my heart and mind that I cannot forget. Why would I do something like that? Why would I keep going and not stop myself? Why am I so scared of other people and of time and outcomes that I would put those things before her who is most precious to me? I know I’ve experienced the same as her but i don’t think it is ok and don’t know at all how to truly repair myself let alone her.
So deeply sad. Ashamed. Horrified. Guilty. I fear one day she will just hate me and leave me and be torn up internally around her love and hate for me and feeling responsible for my pain and being hurt herself by trying to remain in relationship with me out of desperate need and guilt.


I, too have shouted when I was in Primitive Brain along with the guilt that goes with it. We are human and human’s shout. I hope you can forgive yourself. Maybe bring it to a circle call if that feels right to you. I send you love Nicole :hearts:


I believe it repair. It isn’t guaranteed, of course. But repair is an essential part of the process – one that I didn’t get from some that hurt me.

That you know “What I did was not OK” is core to repair. We can own that we may have “learned” it from when we were a child, but that we knew it wasn’t okay then and it is NOT something we want to continue with our kids.

So we share that, and work towards ways to stop ourselves. “Not OK Mom!” – if we let our child say that, perhaps it can get through and get us to pause. Pause. STOP. Pause, Get regulated.

I’m not aware of any parent that doesn’t have repair to do. I do repair with my two each week. Mostly small things these days, but sometimes big ones. I believe that the willingness to repair, combined with a devotion to doing better (and even checking in with them if they are older – how am I doing? what would be even better for you and us?) is a candid conversation worth having… regularly.

Love to you… and that you care so much about this is, to me, core to evolving what it means to parent.