Something that felt profound to me

Yesterday I got sucked into watching Britains Got Talent on Youtube. There was a contestant who was a father of 6 adopted children, all of whom had come from difficult backgrounds.

He was asked why he came on the show and he said he wanted to show his kids you can dream. What he said that really struck me was “When you’re surviving, you can’t dream.”

I know I still often feel I’m in survival mode, even though the danger is long past.

I was moved to share this in case it rings true for anyone else.


Yes that runs true for me. I could “dream” but when I was trying to create a business of offering my psychic and angel readings I was told that I “should” work fairs and offer free classes and readings in public. This didn’t speak to me at all and I know that a lot of it was from my fears of talking in public or being afraid of what people would think and more. I was a guest on a local radio station a couple of times but being so anxious I’m sure it showed, or I think it did. It certainly didn’t help my business, nor did going to a local bookstore once a week and doing readings help. Was all this fear from my past traumas or was this me trying to be someone I really wasn’t? Sometimes I did things that people expected of me rather than being true to myself. Actually now that I’ve written this, I remember that I taught some journaling classes and had some good turnouts and it was fun.

I still dream though like what if I wrote more and other things…