Some Days You'll Move Mountains, Other Days WTF?

Friday was one of those days! I woke up anxious. I tapped, meditated, tapped again, asked myself how do I want to feel? I cried, I tapped, I felt almost like it wasn’t worth being here anymore. It was exhausting. It was overwhelm that I had been feeling but not tapping enough on or letting myself feel deeper. I’m not beating myself up over this, it was just one of those days. I felt that it would get better but honestly I wasn’t sure.

Today I woke up, felt a wee bit of the anxiety starting so I said “Thank you Angels, thank you Guides.” For some reason it worked. Who knows why one day can be so bad and the next awesome?

Not having been out much due to Covid has made me feel like I was going backwards about feeling “safe” to go out. My stomach would churn and hurt, then I didn’t even want to go out. Today was totally different. I was comfortable in the car, didn’t need to tap or wonder how I would feel. We went to a local farmers market and got some awesome produce. Then we went to a store where I buy compression socks and a nice woman helped me put them on again. Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants to pick up some hoagies and salads. I had no anxiety whatsoever. I just wonder why one day can be so different from another day. There’s probably no real answer but I’m sure we’ve all felt it.


Seems my emotional weather and energy has all the natural aspects: tides, winds, rain, sun, night, delight, heaviness, lightness, freshness, staleness… flourishing and decaying.