So long Gary

Here’s a picture of Gary and his wife Robyn.

Thank you for listening to my share on the call today.

What I missed to say that I learned about him from others’ stories was his great sense of playfulness, and his eagerness and leadership in co-creating workshops and other services to help people. He was a passionate, heartfelt and strong gentle-man and I’m super grateful to have known him.

I also learned that I when I met him, around 15 years ago, it was around the time of a shift into gentleness and he’d been quite rough and rude earlier in life. It’s great to hear of his transformation and to have benefited from the work he did on himself. That’s inspiring.

We all hadn’t been in touch so much but his wife reached out to me a few months ago as she’s developed me/cfs. He said hi through Robyn a couple of weeks ago as he was about to hop on a plane to New Zealand to give a seminar.

His passing -suddenly from a brain aneurism- was such a surprise I don’t think it had really even sunk in at the celebration of life.

So it really helped to share with you guys today, thank you. I did have some releasing through shivers chattering teeth and then body shakes straight away after the call.

Through doing work with both Gary and Robyn (I went on and did women’s courses wi Robyn after initially working with Gary) I started to feel like I was taking up space in the world, in my body.

So Rick your idea of Being as a focus rather than ‘giving’ is a good one now I remember this.

So long Gary, thanks for Being and Shining so beautifully :heartpulse:


Thank you for sharing Gary with us, Kate. Means a lot to me in ways hard to articulate.


(((Kate))) thank you for sharing the heartfelt loss of your friend. :heart:


Thank you Kate for sharing Gary with us. How wonderful you got to connect with such an awesome soul. I am sorry for your loss. :heart:


Yes Kate. Thank you for sharing, here and on the call. The photo really speaks to me, and the story of his life the way you shared it and his gifts to you and the world.