Shoulding on Myself While Bowling

Today I decided to bowl on my favorite online game place. It’s been a while. But the whole time I’m bowling I’m thinking, “What’s for dinner?” “Should we have the frozen lasagna or should I make spaghetti?” “I should be taking a shower.” I found myself tense and realized that I’m not in the moment having fun. It’s good to realize what I’m doing and I’m glad I did but this feels like it’s been going on forever. Primitive Brain for sure.
Anyone else feel this way?


I imagine sometimes what it would be like to focus to the exclusion of everything else. I used to have a business partner that when he was focused on his work, the house could burn down around him and it wasn’t clear he’d notice. His wife said that he used to work through even a fire alarm going off!

In the spectrum of humanness, he certainly is “out there.”

Perhaps we are “out there” too, in our own way. We can bowl and plan dinner. We can bowl and be aware of personal hygiene needs.

Are we distractable… or multi-aware?

When I ask my guides, I get a smile that acknowledges that all the Mindfulness practices have always been about taking those of us who CAN be distracted and bringing us a bit deeper with where we are and what we are CHOOSING to do.

My former partner doesn’t need mindfulness practices. He might benefit from being open to being signaled with less force than walking over to him and shaking his shoulder vigorously. :wink:

“I want to be bowling right now. None of these other things need to be tended to, so I bring myself back to here… and now. Strike!”

As I am writing this the sun started shining through the window on my face. (pause) Feels so good. Was I just distracted? Well, my attention went, for a moment, elsewhere than what I am writing here. I’m now blending into my awareness both you, these words, and the sun on my skin.

Like blending the awareness that it is 843am, Adira has not woken and come down yet even though she usually does by now. My energy is OPEN to being “interrupted” to get her, feed her, and at some point return to you here.

Interesting, isn’t it? If we remove the irritation at ourselves (or the “interruptions”) perhaps it makes us more smooth in moving from yes to yes to Yes. I also am aware of breakfast needs, and I’m grateful that this message is now coming to a close, for now, without needing to come back to it after a break.

Hmmm. Mmmmmm… Love to you! Thanks for sharing this space with me!


Yes, I feel this way too…I have so many ideas, projects and plans that race around in my head especially when I wake up in the night. I seem to go back and forth between “I never complete” anything and “I should have” finished them by now! I really like Rick’s concept of removing the irritation at ourselves. I think I am slowly learning how to do that with loving kindness toward mySelf. :heart:

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Thanks Rick, I like the different ways you see things. It helps. “My energy is OPEN to being ‘interrupted’ to get her, feed her, and at some point to return to you here.” I want to be able to do this too. It still feels a bit like I’m always alert for satisfying someone else’s needs. But I’m not really am I? Unless I continue thinking and reacting that way. It will take practice. I’m up for it though and I’m grateful for the new way of thinking about interruptions and irritation’s.


I like that Norene, thank you. :heart:

When I realized that as a creative person – and co-creative! – I will always all ways have a multitude of possibilities for my life force. Indeed, I could in the next hour come up with 30 YEARS worth of tasks just for Thriving Now!

Of course, how many would stay fresh for 30 years?!?

When I realized that so many ideas and notions and possibilities have, from a spiritual perspective, a very different frame, I found so much relief!

“I want to…” helps clarify to the Universe what I am wanting, which is definitely an evolving and changing dynamic.

“I should have…” means I didn’t align with it or my energy choices went elsewhere.

Kindness towards myself recognizes I am co-creating with Source, the muse, the idea-explorers of the vast Mystery!

My mantra is evolving to be “Right for Now” meaning… while I can imagine doing the Infinite, there is what is Right… for Now. In retrospect any judgment of that would be, well, cruel towards the Me that has a certain energy, attitude, and freedom right now. Which will change in 3 seconds! (Adira just started shrieking so I shall change what I am focused on and leave my reply here as “Right for Now” and other replies for later (or not…)

Love to us!


“I want to…” and “Right…for now” are such a resonating YES for me!!! Thank you sooo much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: