Seeking Advice from You ~ A Community Member


I made this… this Community Center. I decided. I put my skills and resources to work. And now… it exists!

I like it.
I thought you’d like it, too.

Of course, it is only sparsely “furnished” so far.

The event schedule is not where I hope it will be 5 years from now, yet it’s a sweet start I feel.

How’s it feeling to you?

What advice can you source from your own aspirations and desires to help us make this fit better for you?

Because, well, it’s a COMMUNITY Center. If you picture this “place” where we can all travel at the speed of light to get to… where we can talk and share and listen and engage… what could “be here” that you’d be willing to put some of your time, energy, and heart into?

I have this aspiration… Emotional Freedom for All. I needed a “place” where that could be expressed ~ embodied even if in virtual form.

I wanted a place where you (!) could share your wisdom and enjoy – as I do in my work – feeling it evolve and be integrated into the perspectives and lives of others.

So yes, welcome! Welcome welcome welcome!

And I really am open to advice and engagement by you, with you.

Would you click Reply and share what comes up for you? Some need perhaps that you have for Community?



It’s a brilliant initiative, Rick :slight_smile: I hope to participate more and co create more magic here!