Scared of the Dentist

I had to do a lot of tapping to take this off at the dentist office.


Good strategy!! :grin:

Advice I heard today…try to tune into any part of your body where you feel safe. And if you can’t locate that right now, try to visualize it. I like that notion because it’s not just about either being safe or not safe in your body (which happens to me at the dentist office), but it can be that there is a small place or location in your body where you feel safe when you are also experiencing fear. Maybe my left knee feels sturdy and safe while I am having fear in my chest, for example. Helps me to ground inside myself.

Trash cans can work too, I suppose.


I applaud your unique strategies! :clap:t2: I’m sending you all kinds of fearless energy​:bangbang: 🫶🏻:bucket: and an extra bucket should you need it​:exclamation:


I never thought of it this way. I bet many parts would feel safe. This is something to practice. Thank you.

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Thank you Norene. I didn’t actually wear the basket at the dentist but I showed him the picture and he laughed.
P.S. I’ll accept more buckets though :wink:


It’s so lovely that you brought that playful lightheartedness to your experience and shared it with the dentist.


Thank you Nicole. I am blessed with a quirky sense of humor that helps me see silliness in a lot of experiences. It helps :grinning:


I would love to experience the return of my humour and joyful silliness. I have a vague memory of being funny and silly one time in my 20’s and the people I was with were laughing and thinking I was crazy. Other than that I don’t actually know if I can be truly lighthearted and joyful myself. I really don’t remember being that way even as a child. I think sometimes I can get delirious from being over tired.