Sandcastles and Technology

A part of me wishes that “structures” like websites in the digital realm were not “sandcastles on a beach”. New technology waves mean, well, rebuilding. Midjourney caught the feeling to my inner self quite well, I think (pouting face not shown) :pouting_man:t2:


Ooooh I love this Rick.


Thanks Jean. Even when the art doesn’t REALLY match what is in my sense-self, somehow putting SOMETHING out there helps my soul feel expressed.

As I have returned to this image, I realize how much my own emotional states are like sand castles, too, where a wave of powerful emotion can change the landscape I’d crafted as well.

On Father’s Day morning, before the fam wakes, I’m remembering how the huge waves of my Dad’s anger or frustration could “wash away” it seemed the richer connection we also could share. The first memories are, honestly, not the sweet ones. I have to let those Big Ones be there, part of the ocean landscape. Then the calmer moments of me sitting in his lap, driving the boat, feeling his confidence as I built mine as someone who knew and loved the water…

I miss that, I miss the water and all my ancestral connections to it, the fathers back through time that explored and worked and, yeah, even slaved. It feels like my Nature to have that which is geologically resilient – like these ancient Appalachian Mountains. But also in my nature is that of the sea, ever-changing, uncertain, awe-inspiring in its majesty and even its destructive powers.

Destroyer. Co-creator. Both.


I know what you mean, Rick