Sacredness & Wild Soul Movement

I hope it’s okay to share this here - if not just delete. I’ve gone to a few of Elizabeth D’ialto’s Wild Soul Movement classes and Sacred Re-Weaving teachings for open-minded spirituality and I like her work. She recently did a short Ted Talk and I think it goes along well with what Rick & Cathy teach. Thought you might appreciate it too… :blush:

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I don’t have a chance at the moment to watch but this AI summary certainly feels appealing and with kinship values around sacredness!

Key insights

  • :earth_africa: Living in a world rooted in sacredness instead of separation can transform and heal us.
  • :pray: It becomes much easier and more natural to make choices that honor, respect, protect, and include people.
  • :earth_africa: We live in a time right now of intense commodification and dehumanization both of which are the opposite of sanctification and for people who don’t love weren’t the verbal people on the SATs boards were obviously my favorite that just means we live in a culture that loves stripping the sacred out of everything and I believe it’s our job to put it back in.
  • :art: Sacredness is like a sacred tapestry, with infinite threads that we may not even know all of, inviting us to live in a world rooted in sacredness instead of separation.
  • :earth_africa: Reverence invites us to treat people’s differences as sacred nuance, shifting from despising to understanding.
  • :pray: Put sacredness at the center of everything and allow that medicine to transform you.