Rest, Reflection, Recovery



Been considering freshly what a thriving lifestyle looks like. “Constantly working and grinding” feels very… archaic. Industrial. Polluting, even.

Right now I am “project planning” for my work in the world about 100 hours per MONTH (yeah, there was a time that was per WEEK – eeeek!). Doing so means being real about what matters to me and those I serve in business, and leaving space for other non-economic activities that matter, too.


It also depends on what success means to each of us. For me success is so much different than it used to be. Success used to mean making my family happy, doing what was “expected” per society. Also success used to mean how many clients I got to “read” for in a day or a week. I am so glad that is all behind me. Now I am just curious about what comes next. Yes paying the bills, making the grocery list for delivery, cooking meals (if I feel like it or calling for take-out), etc. But success means more like did I meditate today? Did I pause before reacting? Did I allow myself to tap on something instead of pushing it down or freezing? Can I allow myself to not plan anything and just read or write, draw, listen to music?


I’d like to believe, and so I practice, that we can “thrive more” even if what most of society measures as “success” doesn’t change much. Like your:

Breaking free from Success = Busy! = Money$++ opens up a lot of potential for crafting and co-creating…