Releasing The Fear of Disappointment


M going through a testing time. Lot of anxity is the companion. BUT i know i’ll get through becuase of a lot of the support i get here.

With desire for a piece of some relief just now, i got into here…and there i m found name for what i m so strongly feeling ‘fear of disappointment’ and its actually like fear of electric shock…reading n following through the tapping session here…it made me realise my fear is legitimate…and trust in my current self…and felt gratitude for the options around the situation.

Soon i’ll get through. I’ll repeat this tapping round time n again.

Thanks soooooo much! Love you all​:revolving_hearts:

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I’m sometimes aware that my fear of disappointment is, as you say, super legitimate.

Because my tank is low (or empty)
Because it matters a lot to me
Because, well, the way things are going I am likely to be disappointed and part of me is protecting how vulnerable I let myself be…

What is NOT disappointing?

If I ask myself that question and the answer is, “EVERYTHING!” then, well, I need a nap. I have my “Disappointment Glasses” on and so I see everything that way.

Once I’m rested “enough” then I can see that there are pockets of simple satisfactions… things I’m not disappointed in.

  • In my world
  • In my heart
  • In my relations
  • In my heartistry
  • In my dreams

…and my capacity to manage legit disappointment strengthens and expands in that practice.

Hope this helps you feel supported and loved!


Yes…it does help. And yes m looking into options to increase my capacity. You are so right for the reasons of my fear. i Did feel my tank very very low almost empty and it does matters to me a lot. and having learnt from you, i did let my self be vulnerable. got into our community center and found your helpful tapping session and all the explanation around the topic. The ‘Emotional Resilience’ to begin with got me going and then called a friend whom i can call any time. wrote n posted the data to the coach of my son. And here i m feeling little light. i have stuff to share about ‘Emotional Resilience’ but before that for my self care i m getting into ‘warmth when emotionally cold’. Thanks…thanks soooo much. Hope Adira n Your health is good by now.

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Thank you and yes, Adira and I and family are well again. Love to you! Curious what you find in the workshop on Warmth. I’m finding it useful on a morning when it is 22 degrees F here!

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Glad to know that all of you are healthy now. :smile:

22degrees F is really very very chilled. You mentioned in the ‘warmth’ workshop that you go for your morning mile in that weather. WOW! to ‘gather the self’ to go out in 22 degree F is really commendable. :muscle:

What i found in the workshop is so much affirmation. So many times i was literally talking to you n Cathy…saying ‘yes exactly’. You know this what i need so much. To feel understood, affirmed and then the explanations, with which you both expand my world of knowledge. The tapping sessions that have the essence, as if they were being said for my issues n guess each one who listens might be feeling similar.

Two contrasting things though happened about this workshop. One: when the first time i saw the picture image with the title ’ warmth when cold n dark emotionally’ it brought tears my face dropped …guess the words ‘cold n dark emotionally’ hit me hard and the image has just remained in my head. Second: while tapping along during the workshop, surprisingly, it brought mostly feeling of lightness rather than more heavy.

Also the image of Adira, standing almost in the middle of the broken hollow tree trunk, in one of the news letters of this workshop, seems be telling me something but i m not able to figure it out.

I’m so glad…

Appreciate you! Feedback like you’re bringing helps ground and encourage this work.

Yes, it is an interesting image, isn’t it?

I used to be someone who didn’t understand why the dead trees were not just “removed”. Here in Asheville there is a place, The Biltmore, where they do remove dead trees. And then there’s the Folk Art Center Walk where this is found.

I admit that now I feel that the “dead things” often provide a kind of life encouragement and reminders. My daughter loves that hollow spot. It’s disintegrating faster now, perhaps from all the attention of people climbing in. Yet, for this moment in time, it’s “deadness” is providing “alive” experiences.

Same with the mushrooms and lichen that grow on the fallen trees in the forest where I walk. Even in the cold…

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