Another poem from Wes Geitz…a man who lives near me who is many things including a therapist who uses EFT and a wilderness tracker trained by Canadian indigenous peoples…


not so sad now…

A young woman saw a smiling photograph
and said, “You look sad.”

How did she know?

I was sad so long,
not knowing what I missed,
until mind and ego fell away
and I remembered :

First in a frightening flash:
a boy alone in a canoe,
the bedrock calling me;

The ridiculous beauty of
a candy bar wrap
on the floor of a late night bus;

After a sweatlodge
called to a vision by a chicory bush,
on my knees, hands wrist deep in earth;

Deep in meditation,
face to face with Christ.
Now I know Divinity in
the garden weeds
springtime sparrows building nests
swollen puddles pocked by rain
the honey on my breakfast toast
the truck that takes my garbage
and in the garbage too

And beautifully, effortlessly, astonishingly,
In the face of
every one
of you.


This is beautiful. Having read this just after reading Dru’s post with the song lyrics it leaves me feeling the synergy between the two - the inner and the outer of the human being in relation to the world and other humans around.


My simple uplift this morning…


I’m reading a rather incredible book right now called ‘Entangled Life’ about fungi. It’s outrageous how fungi carry on and how fundamental they are to all life on this planet in ways unimaginable. I’m only into this book about 30 pages and I’ve had my mind blown at least a dozen times. They are the connective tissue and nervous system of this planet…they are as much animal as they are plant…they are incredibly intelligent. Amazing beings!

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Awesome! I’ve been really noticing the fungi more and more on my walks, too. I’ll order it:

Order the book


Prepare to have your mind blown!!! :smile: