Reclaiming My Body

I’m doing a 90-day challenge and they encourage us to post in social media to help anchor and make things real. I’d love to hear what other people might be aiming for in the next 90 days as well!

My goal is to reclaim my body and my energy. I have job interviews and a week long event in January. I want to be able to attend and participate with ease, focus and confidence.

The last 3 years have been physically challenging for me and I am wanting to have a better relationship with my body and movement.



For me it is learning and tending to my sleep cycles and autonomic stress levels. The Apple Watch I got from my Mom for my birthday monitors me during sleep – time, wake, different parts of the cycle. It also reminds me it’s bedtime (haha). It detected last night the 20 minutes I was aware Adira was awake and me “sorta lying there” ready to be called on to take over. It’s encouraging me to boost the sleep I get (even when it is hard). I’ll work with @Jem as well on acupuncture and herbs to support more restorative sleep as well.

I’m also learning more about heart rate variability, a well-documented aspect of overall well-being. We’re MEANT to be “variable” and have our heart adapt and respond and restore. My current resting heart rate is around 61-63. My body guidance is that over 5 years to see my trending back into the upper 50’s (contrary to “aging” and feeling really doable with mindful tending).



I’m aiming to make my art practice a daily activity…even if it’s “just” a few minutes straightening up, it counts. I also want to start (again!) to walk for 30 minutes several times a week. The last 3 years have been challenging for me as well. More than anything I want to get back out in the world again and feel safe doing it. I want to explore Oahu, learn about the Hawaiian culture, visit museums and botanical gardens; I also want to travel again…that one is difficult for me to imagine!


@Cathy what steps/tools are you putting in place to help and support you with this? Would love to hear more. I resonate with this, as I’m struggling with many chronic illnesses and would like to help myself more, be it, with moving more, changing my relationship with food and my body, action, energy. I think my biggest challenges and blocks are overwhelm, fatigue, lack of belief, beaten down by life… :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


@Cathy ~ I think I found a way to get back out in the world again and possibly make new friends! A classically trained chef (who recently moved from CA to Oahu) wants to get small groups together for cooking classes. I love small groups, I love food and I love learning about cooking! :crossed_fingers:t2:


I am going to start moving my body in easy kind ways again. Starting with smaller walks around the nearby park. Goal is to be able to build strength and joy and meaning at the same time. Focusing on the small things.


That was my starting point, too, Simple Uplifts along the path. Enjoy!


Hey Cathy, just saw this post again and was wondering how you went with the challenge?