Readwise - Get the most out of what you read

I’d never heard of this before…just looking at the website now… seems like something I could use…

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Here’s how I use

  • I give it access to my Amazon Kindle library. It grabs new highlights as I make them in any of my e-books and brings those highlights into its database. (It did that for all the highlights in my past books!)

  • Daily Readwise sends me a review – 5 highlights it chooses from my books along with a 6th sometimes from a book it thinks I might like.

  • I often screen capture a highlight card from Readwise and paste it into my second brain (Roam) or paste it into a message here, like so:

  • Readwise also imports from Feedly where I will highlight from RSS Newsfeeds. I also use Feedly’s Chrome browser extension to save articles (or topics here) for reading/highlighting later. Feedly is where I keep track of many different technologies and thought leaders who blog – like Seth Godin. Readwise FINALLY helps me use those highlights by bringing them in for later review / reminding.

  • I also use to highlight and annotate on the web. I use Feedly more, but this tool is handy and Readwise also imports from automatically.

And here is where it gets incredibly juicy useful for me…

  • Roam Research is my second brain. Readwise brings all those highlights from all those sources into Roam where I can search, tag, and use parts for inspiration for topics here, personal health, and sooooo much more. Indeed, of all the tools I use these days, Roam has become the most essential for creativity and productivity… and a sense that I’m cultivating a resource for my future with these highlights and notes taken from external sources and my own daily notes.

That’s it in a nutshell! Questions welcome, and if you decide to go with Readwise, I’d love to hear how you end up using it!


Thanks Rick! I appreciate the time you took to give me all that information… :slight_smile:


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