I came across this course and it’s really got my interest activated. This sort of natural movement approach to exercise has been on my mind for quite awhile now. When I fantasize about purposeful movement to increase my sense of wellbeing I always have an image of being outdoors and climbing and crawling and hanging…getting my hands and feet in the dirt. And it would appear that this course is exactly that!!

I’m very attracted to the language of concepts he uses (re-wilding, thriving, resilience, connection…not words typically ascribed to repetitive, stationary gym exercises)… it resonates with my wild desires. This REALLY calls to me…

**I have no affiliation with this gentleman or his course…I’m only affiliated in spirit and my wild human ancestry… :slight_smile:


Woof! Howl! Yeeeesssssss!

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And I love how it connects within the scope of evolutionary biology that Brett and Heather talk about.…‘A Hunter/Gatherer’s Guide To The 21st Century’…how to acknowledge, understand and claim our wild ancestry within the context of our modern living conditions. This really grabs me so strongly.

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