I laughed out loud when I saw this but very quickly I felt a much deeper metaphorical meaning being communicated…inviting me in.

To me it very elegantly depicts how I’ve felt and still feel at times…sort of an imitation of an idea I’ve had of myself…or a scattered representation of what I’ve felt I’m suppose to be. But I can never hope to match the picture on the box under those expectations of an ‘ideal me’ whether I’ve generated that image or another external entity has attempted to impose it on me.

I’m also reminded of Rick’s discussion about an ‘Energy Blueprint’ when I look at this picture. The gap…the incongruency he spoke of…and just being with it…no fixing…no making it ‘right’. I mean, the ‘completed’ puzzle in the photo is really beautiful in and of itself…even if the box wasn’t there we would know what the image was…it is what it is in this moment. I think I’m more like a Picasso painting than I am a photographic image anyway.


Aho! I love that. The “completed” version here feels far more creative to my brain – even as directions-oriented as I can be – than the box version.


What a beautiful puzzle @Glenn! I never thought of puzzles this way “scattered representation of what I’ve felt I’m supposed to be”. I put puzzles together too but digital ones, which is very relaxing for me. I might just look at them in a different way now.

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