Perspective... and Truth

Perspective… doesn’t mean “truth”. This particular video shows that our perspective on something can make it “seem” to be different (bigger, smaller) than it might measure from another perspective.

Meaning… my perspective that THIS feels bigger to me than THAT might, if you put a “measuring tape” against it be the same doesn’t make my perception “false.” It makes it “personal.”

Artists play with perspective. So do media and politicians.

Me, too. I believe when we use our heartistry to perceive (and re-perceive) it gives us a power to explore and not hold rigidly to “my perception is THE WAY IT IS” while also not succumbing to having our perceptions “proved wrong” when our perception is personally helpful to our thriving.


What sorcery is this?!!

I love those types of illusions that make me wonder ‘is anything as it seems?’ And maybe becoming exclusively invested in my own perspective as representing ‘the truth’ or ‘reality’ is problematic. If our most basic sensory interfaces with the world can be so easily tricked (like our visual sense in the video) what about all the complex cognitive structures we have like beliefs and attitudes and all the conclusions we come to that are built upon and rely upon a foundation of what we think our senses are telling us is real or true?


I know, right? Or do I know… ???

Perhaps it is a visual “WTF!!!” to remind me that what matters to me matters to me. The angle and perception and concepts I use to filter reality make it appear (and respond) to me in ways that someone standing next to me – or holding it up to actually measure – will experience differently.

My intention is to speak and focus more on what matters to me, from that intimate voice, than “what I know to be true”


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It seems to me we are in a pervasive conundrum…an eternal predicament…we have to believe something or else we won’t function. In fact having beliefs are unavoidable (I believe). But how to know what to believe? From a survival perspective having severely faulty or even delusional beliefs is preferable to having no beliefs it seems to me. At least that’s what I believe… at this moment. And that’s my typical ‘work around’ for this predicament…I usually include in any statement about my beliefs a disclaimer that it’s my belief ‘at this moment in time’ or ‘currently’…if I remember to do that, and I believe I usually do, it just feels better than blurting out a statement that sounds like I’m proclaiming ‘THE TRUTH’.

But, I also think there are consequences to that approach. I think it doesn’t provide the same level of certainty about the world, both the external and internal worlds, that conflating ‘belief’ with ‘reality’ provides. So I think it’s critical to have some very basic beliefs about ourselves and the world that are cast in cement…just for reasons of sanity. ‘The sun is going to come up tomorrow.’ I don’t know that for sure but I act as if it’s absolutely true…otherwise, what kind of life would I be living. 'Most people are basically good and kind’…again, that’s really just a belief…but I ‘know’ it’s true…I feel it’s true based on my experience but I certainly haven’t surveyed all the people in the world in order to make that claim. But I’d rather err on the side of those beliefs being true in both those instances. It makes for a better life I think.

Mmm… for me there’s this physical framework and concepts that allow for a sphere orbiting a sun and turning on its axis in ways that produce “day” and “night” and the transition periods… as well as seasons, etc. It’s really helpful to have that physical framework, understand gravity enough to both survive and even use it as a tool.

It’s interesting when you share…

…I find that really is not an operating belief/assumption of mine. Interesting, eh? I could say that I believe and operate from an assumption that almost everyone in our culture has been traumatized, and it’s useful for me to notice how that manifests for them so I can see if our ways are compatible or not.

And yes, I also have this “truth” that we’re “made up” of energy that one could (and I do) know as Pure Love. Even in those pretty rocked by their traumas and natures to be something I do not experience “as loving, much less kind and good for me” – there’s an underlying truth of Essence.

I won’t argue that, because it falls into the My Truth category, not even than “What I currently believe” (which I like your reminder on very much; I want to use that more).

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