Perfectly Imperfect: Thriving Through Authentic Action

 Real Skills Workshop - Community Event

RS 2024-07-23 Perfectly-Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect: Thriving Through Authentic Action

Real Skills Workshop: Exploring Wisdom

Hosts: Rick Wilkes (@Rick) and Cathy Vartuli (@Cathy)

Tue Jul 23 2024 830pm EDT / 530pm PDT (90 mins with a 7 min break)

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Have you noticed how our relentless pursuit of perfection often becomes a trap, painfully holding us back from fully expressing our authentic selves and experiencing life’s richness?

By courageously acknowledging our gaps and embracing our so-called “imperfections,” we can together discover the path to genuine connections, boundless co-creativity, and transformative growth.

We believe authentic action blossoms from self-awareness and radical acceptance. In this workshop, we’ll gently uncover the deep-seated fears fueling our perfectionist tendencies and equip ourselves with practical, powerful tools to transmute these fears into catalysts for inspired action.

You’ll likely discover, perhaps to your amazement, how what you believe are your weaknesses can metamorphose into profound strengths, empowering you to thrive in both your personal and professional spheres.

By learning to dance with our imperfections rather than fight them, we open ourselves to a life of greater joy, deeper meaning, and authentic thriving. Are you ready to embrace your perfectly imperfect self and step into a more vibrant, fulfilling life?

Before this session:

  1. What fears come up when you think about showing your true, imperfect self to the world?

  2. How might embracing your imperfections lead to more authentic relationships with others?

  3. How would your life become more thriving if you fully embraced the concept of being ‘perfectly imperfect’?

(We’d love to hear some of these from you before the session! Reply and share, if it’s a yes for you.)

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