Perfect Day

I don’t recall how I got led to this YT video but I’m glad I did. The reason I’m posting this is because of the comment I’ve included below the video. I found it very moving and it filled me with such a sense of hope and optimism for healing and for humanity and for the the ability to steer our journey back on course even if we seem hopelessly off-course at the moment…and of course it’s a celebration of the immense healing power of music and art… :slight_smile:

From YouTube:

"My wife and I danced to this at our wedding reception. The greatest day of my life and an appropriate song for the occasion. At the time I was in the Army and was a severe alcoholic. The lyrics at the end was the cherry on top because she was fully aware of what she was willing to get into.

I’ll never forget hearing her cry over the phone a couple years after we got married when I told her my chain of command signed off for me to get help at a rehabilitation center in Oregon. I got off of heroin through the same means to be able to join the Army so she was aware that I had already gone through a withdrawal process. 7 years clean of heroin, 3 years sober of alcohol. Thank you so much my dear Hannah for taking a chance with me. Thank you so much Lou for all of your work I’ve listened to ever since my father raised me with your art.

We now have two beautiful children, I was able to successfully transition back into civilian life, and the future looks quite promising. Some folks can’t comprehend the power of art and music, but it’s a power that can’t possibly be denied."

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Here’s another very cool rendition of the same Lou Reed song with a diverse bunch of artists singing it. Only at the end does it reveal itself to be an ad for the BBC. Oh well, it’s still great. :slight_smile: