Parenting is AI

I have a 10-year-old and a 3-year-old. And I am definitely their AI.

Especially if AI means what I assert it does: Augmented Intelligence.

I augment what they see, know, and ask with my intelligences.

And this is USEFUL.

The AI’s I use these days: ChatGPT, Perplexity, and Pi along with Alexa and Siri are Augmenting Intelligences for me! It’s so useful. Especially when there is so much Willingness to explore any and all of my inquiries.

Like when I am a Patient Parent (who still has an inquiry limit, like ChatGPT does! Ha.)


Such an interesting way to look at parenting. I feel into that and am a Yes! I am definitely doing that consciously and unconsciously all day every day with my child and those of others!

How to be with my limits more - or know what they are - may be helpful for me to explore…and then. How to put them in place. Or support myself more so that I don’t place myself in a position where the limits are tighter and smaller.

I still have not used any AI tech myself that I am aware of.

Lovely languaging of self-reinforcement and kindness - “I am a Patient Parent (who still has an inquiry limit”. Helpful

Maybe I am also a Patient Therpaist. Who has a limit. And a Patient Human. Who has a limit.

Opening myself up to the nuances and spaces available…outside of the limits of black and white all or nothing thinking.


One of the things I used to be really HARD on myself is having a limit. But, yeah, like… I do. On everything. Limits to how much I can lift and how often – obvious in the gym but also obvious when I’ve carried my daughter “as far as I can.”

Goes for emotional lifting, too. We can be super strong, patient, etc., until that aspect of us is fatigued “to the limit.”

The greatest shift, for me, was in discerning that black/white success/failure binary thinking was never, ever the “savvy” part of me. It is primal for survival – DO… or DIE! (makes me grin to write that, yet I used to run my life by that primal energy…)

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Such a helpful discussion.
It’s new to me to even right now sit in a space of imagining myself sitting and looking at a mistake of made with no intense feeling of any sort and just a bit of curiosity or wondering about where I could learn from it…. Rather than bashing myself over the head with a baseball bat of rage and anger and dismissive disdain and horror.

I feel like I am fatigued to my limit most days and that I am needing to lift myself up and keep moving often.

One day last week though… I lay down before I started getting dinner ready. Just briefly. And it was so what I wanted and needed.

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I remember when I started really listening ('cuz I HAD TO OR ELSE) to my body, and how the 20-minute collapse nap became the 20-minute reset nap and then the 20-minute replenishment nap and then the 20-minute WOW nap. Naps / horizontal resets have such a sweet range!

Indeed, I think I’ll take a Savor the Rain Sounds nap right now!

Love to you! Appreciate your Caring…


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