Pain relief

I am in the process of solely focusing my practice on Pain management. I use hypnosis, EFT, NLP, meditation in my approach.
Does anyone have any recommendations as far providing clients with informed consent forms, or liability forms before beginning to work with them?
Thank you.

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I don’t. There’s a general privacy and disclaimer that is a part of my website that I link to. I believe that liability insurance is useful, as well, since no form actually stops someone who intends to sue from suing. It is useful downstream.

There can be an onboarding process you use to make sure everyone is on the same page with what you will be doing and what you won’t.

If you are licensed by the state or a national board, they may have things like a code of ethics or standard of care that is required or recommended.

There certainly are different onboarding processes, some quite detailed in terms of collecting a history and confidentiality agreements and liability waivers. ACEP is a place you might check and see what they might have (that is focused on energy psychology professionals, many of them licensed.)


Thank you Rick. I will look into this.
Of course, I will advise them to also seek a medical professional just in case.

Another aspect that just came to me is to be sure that you do not advertise as treating specific diagnosis. You probably already have that on your radar. It’s just something that coaches often don’t realize that talking about “treating” or specializing in specific kids of pain can run afoul of licensing and scope of practice issues.

Self-help and teaching pain relief techniques and approaches is fine.


That’s a really good point Rick. I will keep my practice focused on “chronic pain” in general.
I think of my approach as being “complimentary” to whatever the client is going through with their physician. Of course the hope is that these individuals will eventually not rely on any opiates, as they move towards becoming almost pain free.
Thank you.