Our experiences and dreams and fears are unique

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There are so many ways we as humans share experiences… especially umbrella ones like grief, joy, anxiety, fear… love.

Blend them and shake them up inside of a person and what emerges each and every NOW is… unique.

Allowing ideas to be shared

I see us at times as curious fellow travelers… but rarely do I see us riding the same “tour bus.” There’s a specialness to the truth that we live in different regions of this Earth. We come from different cultures, and even within one “culture” some of us had one of both parents who were loving, or messed up, or absent (or we wished they were).

We’ve chosen to develop different skillsets, some for work, some for play, some for both.

I’m really appreciating that today, right now, I am sharing these ideas. That there is this We-space where your ideas and sharing might also find expression, too.

Thank you for being Here… Now. Thank you for helping co-create this we-space we share. Thank you for your listening – the part that makes the sharing so rich. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: