Our eco-system, not just our symptoms

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What support is truly needed?

What if we held the parts of us that are in distress, and the parts of us carrying extra load, and the relationships that are around us and felt for the support that is truly needed?

When I was super duper sick, dying inside sick, I was focused on the headaches… the “digestive issues” (think shards of glass in the gut), and other symptoms.

Looking back at my body-life as an ecosystem, there was… a need for…


If I had known to touch my guts, I might have heard “Too much! Need to get it out!”

If I had known to touch my headache with listening, I might have heard “Oh so much! Where do I release all this?!?”

If I looked at my business, with 20+ employees and so many obligations (I sucked at freedom back then), the cry might have been, “How do I release myself from these impossible burdens?”

Admittedly, a part of me felt the pull of death as release. Again, feels natural to know that death can bring release. But I don’t think we solve the pollution-by-humans problem by all of us dying. There are other options.

Our emotional world is an ecosystem, just as is the world inside our skinosphere and inside our homes and offices. Seen as such, and with the eye of a “re-balancer” perhaps rather than a fixer, I believe that what can arise is an awareness of what needs to Transform.

The first tagline for Thriving Now was:

Transforming Pain into Optimal Health

Ahhh, taking the pain and finding pathways for transformation, and new practices, not only rebalances our ecosystems… they can set them up for Thriving.