Oh Yeah! Well Take THAT!

I just find this hilarious…probably because it violates pretty much all the Concepts For Thriving but also for basic survival as well. Some ‘Primitive Brain’ might do that guy some good at that moment…lol.

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As a playful exercise based on Rick’s humorous suggestion of a ‘Concepts For Not Thriving’ book it could be fun and interesting to list the various ‘Concepts For Thriving’ our guy on the right is ignoring to his probable detriment.

I’ll start with ‘Adapting’. It seems to me that ‘Adapting’ is context driven…when we ignore the relationship of our behaviours to context we do so at our own possible peril. One of the questions Rick lists is "Is trauma keeping me from seeing choices right now? " I’d say probably ‘yes’ in the above situation. If our gentleman’s response to uncomfortable confrontation is always the ‘silent treatment’ then it could be negatively impacting his life…and in some contexts maybe even endangering his life!!