NOT for Everyone

Your work is not for everyone. Neither is mine.

We’re not everyone’s cup of tea… some like coffee! Some don’t like the way caffeine makes them feel… or get heart palpitations.


When I have, at times, felt like my work “should” appeal to everyone – I mean, it’s about emotional freedom and who doesn’t want THAT!!! – it’s always made me painfully susceptible to criticism.

Imagine someone happening by our We-Space here and saying, “Oh no, this isn’t for me! People are talking about their emotions and stuff!” I can honestly say, peacefully say, “Ah, yes, this isn’t for you. We’re not cultivating this We-Space to serve those who want a space where difficult emotions are excluded! Indeed, laughter and tears are both welcomed here!”

Want to write a book for “everyone”? Or perform a song? Or create a painting… or dance… or poem… or software app?

When we consider the emotional world… it becomes clearer that We-Spaces and creations all have an energy. And just like some love the beach and others do not want sand in their shoes… the emotional world allows for a diverse range of ecosystems.

I love that. And yes, sometimes my primitive brain needs to be reminded that I’m doing this work and it won’t serve everyone.

Whew! :relieved:


I have found it to be an excellent screening device. If someone doesn’t want to be “real”, then they are not someone I want to let in in any real way, because they don’t feel safe to me.

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Indeed! I call it Divine Filtering mainly because I don’t want to feel all the pressure of doing it all by myself, that there is an intelligence in valuing a quality like Realness that would make me, uhh, repulsive even to those who value the ethic of “fake it until you make it” for example.