Not busy, focused; not busy, full - adrienne maree brown

I found this poem by adrienne maree brown to be so incredibly beautiful and on point for my emotional freedom journey. not busy, focused; not busy, full – adrienne maree brown

here is just a clip -

“but now I am not busy
I am breathing
I am moving at the pace my body allows, ever forward, mentored by a tortoise
I am balancing my vibrant intentions with my bemused body – bones of betrayal, bruised by the busy I once thought was my worth
now I know my body is the sliver of earth I’ve been given
I am healing from the extraction
I thought gave me value
from the toxins I thought of as solace”


Wow. I have never considered that, and it feels utterly resonant. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing, Dru. Think my yoga/meditation group will find this of interest.


Thank you Dru, so much to absorb and feel. I especially liked
“the freedom I can experience is from the traumatic past and the dystopic future
into the miraculous now”