N=1 is the Ultimate Truth

N=1 is the ultimate truth.

Large population level studies provide a decent starting point of what ‘should’ work assuming you’re an average representation of the population. This is useful if you have no previous data on what works for you

If you do have previous data on what works for you, you would have to be some kind of idiot to ignore that & instead go with what works the best for the average population member.

E.g. assume you get a major disease that you’ve never had before. Science says on a population level, treatment A is superior to treatment B so you start with treatment A, but you don’t respond as the average subject in the study did. Do you stick with treatment A, & go down with the ship, because “science says” it is the superior choice? Of course not, you try option B!

Your individual response to an intervention should always be placed above the average population member’s response to an intervention.

Too few academics understand this.

This applies to our emotional restoration and well-being, too. I’ll add that right now in our culture, if someone is depressed or anxious, they are likely to recommend medical / pharmaceutical interventions if you go to those who practice that. When… “How do you move your body each and every day?” is what – if we looked at humanity over eons – is a more useful exploration…

Indeed, I would say that if we recognize our uniqueness, when we choose interventions or approaches that feel like they “work for the masses” we’re not actually optimized.

Meaning, I do tapping differently than others. I do journaling different from others. I do dance different from what most people consider “going out dancing.”

Doesn’t mean there are not commonalities. We seldom are so divergent from all other humans that we don’t have any intersections on any spectrums, of course.

When we recognize “I’m #1!” it means, to my heart, that N=1, meaning what works for me is not a “population study of N=1000000” it is Me, as Me, interacting with all the different dimensions or me, surviving (hopefully) and from there exploring Thriving.

Love to you. Yes, You Are #1!


This brings up a number of thoughts in me…I’m not sure these thoughts are directly related in an obvious way but here they are anyway… :slight_smile:

My spidey senses go on ‘high tingle’ when I hear statements that claim ‘we’re all in this together!’ and 'if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem’…mainstream news…bumper stickers all proclaiming I must ‘get with the program’. Whenever I encounter this type of ‘rallying message’ I get a bit nervous and curious…“What are THEY up to?” and “Why do THEY demand my participation?” Hmmmmmm…a good time to look to history for some clues…

You are #1!
Indeed. Years ago when I was deep into exploring the realm of personal mythology, Joseph Campbell and such I had a bit of a revelation…or so I thought… It goes like this…

(I realize the following is an idealized version and many of us don’t experience this as infants but I still think what I describe holds on a mythological level…even if we don’t experience what I’m describing we may desire or expect to experience this…it’s in the wiring of humans so to speak)

When we’re born we are all the ‘Christ Child’…our slightest wimper brings calming attention from others…food, warmth, a loving pat that releases a burp,…our wish is they’re command! We are indeed #1…the world revolves around us and so it should And that’s just fine…for a while. What is encumbent upon those that serve this ‘Christ Child’ is that at some point in that child’s education the servants provide an understanding that, yes, you are #1and so is everyone else. That’s the prickly part. You being #1 doesn’t exclude everyone else from also being #1. A grand paradox for sure…but a critical life lesson.

Here’s another way I have of considering this…

If the universe is infinite (and ever expanding) then any point in this universe is the ‘center’…right? You can only have a single center within a defined boundary…an ifinite space has infinite centers…(or no center…which of course results in the same consequence)…so, each and everyone of us is indeed ‘the center of the universe’. So, when someone behaves as if they are the center of the universe, well, they are correct…and it’s likely they’re real issue is that they don’t yet realize that everyone else is as well. :slight_smile:

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Aho! Yes, indeed, core parenting (and maturing into adulthood in a way that support our own self-thriving and respecting the thriving of others. Thanks!