My Double Vision Eyes and Their Ecosystem

For the past week I’ve been forced to address double vision.

I say forced because, heck, when you look and see two of everything, there’s just an overwhelming abundance of… sensation!

  • Two eye exams
  • Blood test
  • Lots of self-care and unwinding
  • Tapping on what’s coming up… the deeper aspects of which are “I wish I didn’t see that” (so many things over three years)

I share this because (a) It’s useful for me to, (b) I could really use energetic support and flexibility, (c) it’s complicated and sometimes sharing what we’re learning about complex interactions can help others, too.

I don’t need “worry.” My mother, bless her worried heart, is doing enough of that for a thousand of me. :wink:

Aspects I’m aware of at this point:

  1. To rest my eyes from the multifocal contact lenses I wear, I was not putting my lenses in during the mornings with the kids or evenings after they went to bed. However! I still worked at my phone and computer – I see clearly doing so but only if the device is really… too close. My doctor said of all the things that are hard on one’s eyes, that’s perhaps the hardest. I need to wear either lenses or corrected glasses (sometimes both). I believe this pattern which has been occurring for a long while put me over the top in eye strain and brain fatigue.

  2. My C2 vertebrae has always been a bit hypermobile. I get chiropractic regularly, but I’d been noticing the tension there was staying tense, and I hadn’t been unwinding it sufficiently. When I relax that area, my head returns to a more level posture and the double vision improves. A good sign.

  3. C2 also affects cranial nerve 4 and intercranial fluid pressure. So the nerve being depleted/strained by poor posture – looking down at phone, looking down at floor to see kids and not trip on anything, etc – alone can result in double vision.

  4. I used to do contact improv every week, sometimes twice, where I would dance with eyes closed and give my whole body a chance to be listened to and unwind. Haven’t done that for 3 years now. Also ecstatic dance has been missing.

  5. 557 days straight of “Morning Mile” walking has helped, but with the double vision being worse when I looked down, realized I was “over focusing” on where I was stepping rather than looking more ahead and allowing peripheral vision to guide my feet. Last few days of walking I’ve corrected that and keep actively releasing my upper neck, and when I do the double vision goes away (unless I look down without moving my head).

  6. I’ve been doing more cooking, cleaning, chopping… again, lots of close work and looking down… and way too much without appropriate lenses on.

  7. I have one eye higher than the other and have for as long as I can remember. Doctor says my brain adapted to that to provide proper image, but the strain and close work and all the other stuff can “de-train” the brain – so now I am seeking to help it remember. Might take… awhile.

  8. There’s a lot I “wish I hadn’t seen” that has happened over the past three years. I feel I’ve tended pretty well to my thoughts about those things, even the trauma or heart pain. I have not, really tended to the visual aspects. Clearly (cough cough blink blink). I know this because just tapping on “All these things I wish I hadn’t seen” has lead to a pretty constant stream of Images. Some fleeting, feeling like once acknowledged the trauma of them can flow again. Others more sticky, so I check in on them again in the days that follow. “That thing I wish I never saw” seems to come up with examples that have a charge on them. I suspect I’ll need to tend to this for an extended period… and be more hygienic about my visual system going forward, too.

Ok… that feels like enough for now. I have some more tests this coming Friday.

What I could use?

  • Please check email before circle sessions, in case I have to cancel or move them. Also, our regular members know that I do show up unless I can’t, so letting any new members feel welcomed and explaining / checking. If I do cancel, if someone could check the Zoom room that would be great.

  • Understanding I may at times need to close my eyes or turn off video during sessions in the near term.

  • I love warm heart hugs and encouragement. My guides and guidance are clear that this will actually establish new setups and postures and approaches that will serve me well for decades to come.

  • Hold a Good Thought that relief is forthcoming and by the time we’re on our family trip in July that I’m solid.

I have seen improvement past three days, which is encouraging even if not linear.

Love to you all!

P.S. Schedule is updated on the website. I’m not going to try and post it tonight though via email. Sometime tomorrow hopefully. My Mom is visiting next three days so first call this month will be Jun 8 830pm EDT. (And now you know why the schedule was delayed :smile_cat: )


**Rick, **

I am holding good thoughts for you and knowing you have your healing angels and spirit buddies around you. Of course warm hugs and encouragement.

I will be glad to check the scheduled zoom room and helping to welcome new guests when I can, which should be regularly.

angels hearing

Love, Jean


Sending lots of good thoughts and healing wishes your way @Rick


Thanks for sharing what you’re going through, Rick! Sending you so many warm hugs and good vibes!! :+1:



Thank you for sharing what’s alive in your world. I’m am sending so much love and healing energy your way. I, too will check in on the Zoom room if you have had to cancel. XOXO :heart::hibiscus:


Appreciate you all so much!

Times of improvement. Disorientation under the grocery store fluorescent lights. Eeek!

Having a sweet time with my Mom here. Going for a walk and pizza with her, then they leave tomorrow.


Sending lots of healing hugs to you :two_hearts:

May you continue to “see” more clearly!!!


Thanks Sharon and all!

Another metaphor is FOCUS. Part of my nature is to be fluid, and I notice that my eyes had adopted a “fluidity” of moving around as I moved. But that is actually disorienting.

Like the figure skater or dancer who is “spinning” – picking a focal point helps them to know orientation and keep from getting dizzy. I’m adding more of that literally (picking and focusing in on specific points to regain orientation) as well as in the business, too.





I haven’t seen this until now…not sure why it didn’t come up as a notice of a new post 4 days ago!!

Rick…my heart goes out to you my friend…I’ve dealt with ‘vision’ issues off and on over the years…not double vision however and I can imagine how disconcerting and disorienting that must be.

The act of ‘seeing’ and ‘vision’ contains a buffet of possibly useful metaphors. The one that comes to me immediately is the homonym ‘I/eye’. Having double vision makes me think of having ‘two I’s’…each with a different focus.

I’m holding your healing in my heart and sending you lots of love and best wishes my friend. I know you have the resources and the resourcefullness to find a way to Thrive and orient to the best possible outcome.

Peace to you!!


Thanks @Glenn – I/eye and coming into a single consolidated vision. Yeah, a challenge for me at times. I can have a vision for what I want to do and go, and then there’s whether that “aligns” with my energy and time and other family priorities. Yeah, there’s something there. The We-space needs feel like they do pull aspects of me in different directions.

It’s good learning, though. I am ordering a stand for the computer to bring it more to eye level with a separate keyboard.

Also, understanding that my eyes never probably being “level” has meant strain all through my life, and it’s leading to more compassion for that right side and the tensions that build up if I “go to long” without releasing and unwinding – which right now is about the length of time it has taken to write this reply :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Time for a break…


Good News :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The vision field test today I got 99% (awesome) in both eyes. This test would have almost certainly shown if there was something hidden/serious about the double vision issue.

Also, it’s improving for sure. At least half better. Been tending to the physical, emotional, and energetic. Noticing how much that also helps my resilience and capacity “everywhere else” too.

Wanted to share the news… lots more to do, going to also test some different lens strengths next week to see how that feels to me. Prayers appreciated, past, present, future.



So happy to read the wonderful news you got. What a relief to know for sure :heart: Also good to read your eyes are improving too. Yay :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Great news Rick!! Thanks for updating us…

Peace and love to you my friend…


Soooooo so happy for you, Rick!! :heart:


Sending love and beautiful healing wishes to you Rick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Sending love and compassion to you too Rick! :slight_smile:


Somehow , missed reading about your condition. I am glad that there is improvement and with everybody’s good thoughts focused on your recovery, I am sure you will be totally well soon. Take care


Thank you! They continue to both improve AND remind me to tend to them. :wink: