Mundane in words, Magic in Essence

She’s grabbing her foot.

Pretty mundane when I write it that way.

There’s a section in my Roam journal called Moments. It’s in some ways getting harder to record them. The first time we see or do something, like baby grabbing her foot or seeing the first flower of spring, the “milestone” effect makes it Moment-ous.

In the dawn light Adira grabbed her foot and explored, felt, wiggled toes under the cloth. Her eyes showed such… depth of attention.

How does one capture in letters such an experience? Make it a poem? A song?

Most of the times these days I just let it seep into my core, undocumented, to become a moment she and I have gotten to experience together, as mutual witnesses and co-creators… a million such moments in just 6 months.

How rich we can be with each other… when we’re Present.

What’s a moment you have shared with Life recently that is richer for you than you can capture with words?


The other day, in my garden, I saw the first potato-plant sprout, just breaking the surface of the soil; a small, crinkly, dark-green leaf pushing up through the earth and reaching to find the sunlight. And in that moment I felt all tingly with the magic and wonder and awe of capital-L Life. Indescribable and very, very real :slight_smile: A reminder of what we’re all doing here.

It’s all about paying attention, isn’t it? Thanks for reminding me, Rick! Jo


Yes, and the quality of my attention does matter. I can pay attention to the same plant when I am distracted and say “that’s nice” and pay attention when I am open to and tuned to a simple uplift and… as you shared…

…tingly with the magic and wonder and awe of capital-L Life.


YES, Rick! You nailed it – we walk around distracted by all the things we’ve been conditioned to believe are so much more important than actually experiencing the moment we’re in! All that ‘plan ahead for a rainy day’ kind of teaching. That has its place, of course, but in my life it has too often been the predominant focus.

For me, the truly wonderful thing is that each and every time I experience one of those shining moments, it’s a fresh shot of wonder – the amazement feels brand new – again!! (It’s almost worth walking around in a fog most of the time just for the ‘hit’! Hahahahaa…) Just kidding – I continue to strive for more conscious awareness; it’s a practice like any other and some days I’m better at it than others. It’s always good to be reminded :o) Thanks, Rick!