Mentoring & Vulnerability

I’ve become aware of something unexpected in the last little while. I’ve become aware of just how much the Tapping Circle has opened me. I’ve become aware of how much Rick in particular and all the regular Tapping Circle members as well have become my mentors. I’ve become aware of how I’ve allowed myself and given myself permission to become more vulnerable and to be open to mentoring. It’s really quite astounding to me because it’s also allowed me to see how bound I was in a persona and to have the ability to sense how bound I still am in a persona of 'everything’s okay…I’m doing just fine…no weakness here." It’s the slow process of peeling back layers of trauma. I suppose it has to be done carefully and respectfully and Rick and our Tapping Circle regulars have provided me with the space and the support and safety to do just that. I really hope that others are having a similar experience.

These are some of my thoughts and feelings going into the new year.

Peace ya’ll… :slight_smile:


Thank you, Glenn. I feel the shift in you.

You as one of the regular circle members is also a mentor to me. There’s so much to life! None of us can have experienced it all, been through all the aspects that others have.

To get to experience and grow from and WITH other people experiences is an amazing gift we give each other. Thank you so much for being a part of our circle :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you and thanks to all the members of The Circle…

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