Mental Health Advice

Firstly, this is far more than just advice…this is deep wisdom. The couple in the video are husband and wife. They are PhD evolutionary biologists with a long history of teaching and publishing. I’ve been watching and listening to their ‘DarkHorse Podcast’ for some months now and along with Thriving Now it has become my ‘go to’ online destination for sanity, critical thinking and a reasonable discussion of common mainstream narratives we are being offered (and sometimes coerced into accepting). I really love how they think, speak and disagree with each other. It’s a beautiful thing!!

  1. One person you can be completely open and honest with about your fears, doubts, celebrations, etc. This has become NECESSARY. Needs to be in your priority scheme – top level.

  2. Pleasure is a means to an end, to lead you to things that are good for you… to your thriving.

  3. Your relationships are key to your functionality!

The pleasure you get from such an interaction is NOT the goal, it is what shows you that it is functional.

The nature of happiness is so thin it should not take over your priority scheme. Satisfaction can led to happiness at times, and is a more functional focus and prioritization.


Thank you for writing out the key points of their discussion. Again, to my mind, this is so much more than mere advice…this is a blessing of deep wisdom.