Membership tech glitch

This morning I discovered that a key “product” – the Circle Membership – had disapparated from the database at some point.

I do not have any idea how or why.

It is the most important little dingy in the whole shebang.

Took 2.5 hours but i think I re-created it and restored manually the 200 places where it was used. Glad I know the system and am reasonably fast with it.

That said, I almost certainly missed some things. If you notice anything missing as you use please do let me know. Hopefully the member area is working as well as all the course accesses…

Grateful to Midjourney for capturing my mood so artistically with just the prompt sad face.



Ugh, what a thing to have to recreate!

I did notice when I was trying to log into the call last night, and meant to bring it up. I ultimately went to my calendar which had the link for the Circle call, so was able to get in that way.


Are you able to login and see the schedule on the site now? Just checkin…

This is what I see when I first go to the page, even though I haven’t logged in. When I got to “logout”, it then lets me enter username/password but then it shows me the same page again that says “You’re not yet a member”. Exactly the same thing I encountered yesterday.

Thanks. Can you try again?

On my other email service, Comcast has marked your address as undeliverable, so I can no longer send you emails through that. And, when I grabbed a list of circle members today, it didn’t catch you because you’d been marked undeliverable.

So I did it all manually. Hopefully a logout and login will show the circle member resources.


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Well, Comcast does suck, so perhaps your other mail service is onto something.

It’s working perfectly!

Thank you!

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I also had to search for the link to the call so I found it on the center and was able to log in. I see it is working now on the circle. I am sorry this happened for you and yes Midjourney did a good job showing how you felt.

I think my inner self had my lower lip stuck out a BIT more than the image. :wink:

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Thanks for all your hard brain-work Rick!! Much appreciated my friend.