In my mind I have an idea (another part things I’m totally crazy) of creating meetings (in one of the support groups I’m a member in) there people can get a change to say hi to others in the same situation and at the same time try different somatic method like tapping, havening, vagus nerve exercises.

It should be simple and easy and not to long. Likely sharing YouTube videos in a group setting.

Thoughts, ideas, things to think about, platforms?


Zoom continues to be a tool that most people are familiar enough and keep up-to-date on. With sharing your own screen, you should be able to watch a youtube video together.

There are other choices, of course. Zoom combines familiarity and reasonable privacy, too, for now. Is there an aspect of that choice that doesn’t work for you? Or something else you’re looking for in your platform?


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Thank you for your insight.

Are you aware of limitations of a free zoom version? (Time limits, people limits)

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40 minutes for the free version still.

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