Meeting mothers’ needs

Wow, this is such a rich article, describing the challenges and feelings all too many mothers have in trying to get their needs met…

I used to feel like that a lot (in my previous marriage), but am grateful to be in a place now, after years of focusing on sacred embodiment practices, trauma healing, and cultivating healthy relationships with myself & my current partner, that I DO feel nourished by my alone time, and do get to be creative, and can trust that my kids will be fine with my partner @Rick while I’m away… even if it’s only for an hour or two, while I have an infant who won’t take a bottle!

It helps a ton that my partner is so supportive of my well-being, and that our relationship is thriving because we are prioritizing our connection as well as our self-care… (There are days of exhaustion too, but many fewer than expected with a new baby, and overall, my own energy and that of our We-Space feel really good to me!)

There’s been a lot of inner healing work for myself involved — learning much better emotional skills to Be With all the feelings that arise in parenting/partnering/personhood, as well as deepening into my own embodied power… but I’m incredibly grateful not to feel anywhere near so overwhelmed and burned out anymore (even now that I have a second child and we’re homeschooling!). The early years of my son’s life were HARD. As described in that article.

And now, it’s so different!

It’s such a relief to find that it’s actually possible to have a Thriving Family life, when previously part of the grieving was in the belief & fear that it wasn’t possible…

But it’s always possible to heal — with more support, self-care, self-compassion, and clarity about our needs and worthiness to have those needs be met. (And, better partnership helps too!)

This is why I do all I can to support other mothers in finding ways to come into healthier ways of nourishing themselves. It’s so worthwhile! And the world needs us now more than ever! :purple_heart:

Hugs to all who are in the thick of it; there is certainly hope for it to improve! Living proof. :rainbow::yin_yang::sparkles:

Who here resonates with the descriptions in this article?

What would help you to shift that energy more toward thriving?


Oh dear!

Even as a proactive partner, I admit I found all the points and numbered keys overwhelming. (tap tap tap) And I get it. We’ve segregated Moms from the support that makes sense and pressured them to think it can all be on them without it causing an energy collapse!

  • Acknowledging our interdependence and fiercely claiming our right to be supported and held within a community. Getting creative about tapping into and/or building that community for ourselves in whatever creative ways we can. Deconstructing the Myth of Independence within ourselves. Building a village mindset.

As I tearfully admitted before Adira was born, the idea that it would just be the two of us as the only adults in her life would be heartbreaking and utterly overwhelming. Sarah Anne coming here most weeks, and our time together with the one other family for homeschool and playtime has really made a difference.

I wish we had more. We’d benefit from more. From the sound of the article, we’re not alone in wanting more.

Thank you for sharing this, and even if it is overwhelming, it is a viewport into the life of so many Mom’s. (And I do try to have the house cleaner when you return – even if just a tiny bit! :heart_decoration:


Love this exchange. Thank you for sharing. Count me in as part of your village!! I wish I could help out for a few hours by Zoom! :slight_smile: