Meditation Classes with Cheryl Richardson

I’ve always had trouble meditating because my thoughts seemed to have a mind of their own. I’ve tried guided meditations which are nice but they put me to sleep whether I needed to sleep or not. Meditating has been very frustrating for me until I signed up for Cheryl Richardson’s free classes that she invited us to share. Cheryl talks about getting on the “Crazy Train” and yes even says falling asleep while meditating is ok too. But with this class I have been able to stay awake. She explains how helpful meditation is and explains the benefits. Then we practice together for FIVE MINUTES! We can all practice for just FIVE MINUTES. I have been practicing meditating for 5 minutes now for a few weeks and what a difference it’s made. A lot of this goes right along with what @Rick and @Cathy have been teaching. So if this speaks to you, I invite you to check out these classes starting with the first one January 19.
Cheryl is a believer in tapping too.


Yay! So glad you found a match that works for you! I like Cheryl.


I saw Cheryl Richardson in last year’s tapping summit. She speaks wisely :relaxed:

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I like her too. This is one of these shares I was reluctant to post. A couple of times I thought of deleting it because I wasn’t sure about posting a “class” that @Rick and @Cathy have also done. They both have done some wonderful meditations that I am sure can be found in the archives. I do think there is room for many kinds of meditations and relaxing exercises.


To be clear, if you are an individual community member who finds any resource you find helpful for thriving, you are welcome to share it!

We’d be concerned about:

  • Some unknown person showing up to push for something
  • People “pretending” to be unaffiliated when they are partners in what they are offering.

Neither you nor any other member needs to hesitate because you’re worried about Cathy or my business interests. From the very start, I’ve always asserted that there is a true BENEFIT from a Circle of Support, not just our circle but all the circles you might cultivate in your life.

Thanks for sharing this resource, and for contributing options for us all to consider. Love you! Appreciate you!