Made A Table

Just finished up this table base I made for a top created by my west coast indigenous artist friend Francis Dick. The plan is to make more tables! This is really the first piece of furniture I’ve made in my shop. As a result it took longer than I estimated. I had to make some jigs and learn how to do certain things…also just designing it took some time as well…and figuring out how I wanted to stain it and what finish to use, etc.
I knew I wanted a simple design so that the top was the featured thing…I didn’t want to draw attention away from the top. My concept was that I was ‘framing a painting’. The frame should enhance and compliment but not draw attention away from the painting. I think my base and the carved top coalesce into a single thing. That was my approach and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

The table base is made from fir (one of my fave woods…love the grain) and the top is red cedar with some abalone inlay. The table will have a glass top to finish it off.


Wow! Woohoo! What a lovely expression of Glenn Co-Creating!


Thank you Rick…I appreciate that.