Look Up!


I love this. I wish I could go someplace at night and look at all the stars. I can picture myself laying on my back on a blanket and grooving on the beauty above.


So many of us are disconnected from the night sky because of ‘light pollution’ …it’s very unfortunate. I live in a place where I can still see stars but it’s not even close to the real night sky. I grew up in a northern Canadian town and when night came it was well and truly DARK…and the sky was filled with stars…you couldn’t have fit one more star into the sky. Even as a teenager it was a wonderous thing that was captivating. We were also treated to many shows from the northern lights. We would find somewhere to lie down and just look up at the sky and be amazed at the incredible display provided by nature. Magic!!


It sounds beautiful Glenn. If I stand on my front porch and look up toward the south I can see some stars. But each of our houses has a street light in front and not too far is an international greenhouse that stays lit up all night. Sometimes, depending on the weather the sky will light up all pink. It’s a bit eerie.

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