Life Satisfaction and Age -- and range

There are so many ways I find myself looking at this. As someone who is 60 I can feel that in some ways it IS easier to feel happy/satisfied than it was during the “trough of responsibilities” to use their term… even though I’d say my responsibilities are not LESS right now…

What’s most fascinating me, because it fits my own growing awareness, is how TIGHT the band is! 7.5 average on the high end! Around 6.75 on the low end.


There seems to be a “limiter” inside me that does, indeed, hit around an 8. I am more… calm I’d say… around a 7.5 or 7. When I drop to a 6.5 it feels there is “something off.”

So here is this data set, however imperfect, that raises this point.



8.0 life satisfaction at 80? In 2022? Am I reading this right? Maybe for some people. I have a lot of thoughts about this. Or am I not understanding?

At 80 they are saying about 7.6.

And yes, an average. Probably some deeply unhappy people out there, and I don’t think 2022 was factored in. Not sure what dates are included. My point was that “on average” humans tend to fall into a pretty narrow band. I’d say those who crave more freedom have had a rougher time and often (at least I do) feel limits on my freedom as… unhappy producing.

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