Let's Dance with Uncertainty and Fun

Yesterday I attended an informative, creative and inspirational workshop with @Rick and @Cathy about Dancing with Uncertainty. I came to the workshop feeling that everything felt uncertain until I heard ideas about pausing and feeling our heartbeats, pausing and feeling our breaths, tuning our bodies to the earth and much more. I am certain that I enjoy watching You Tube Videos, certain movies, eating and reading. Today I was thinking about the workshop and the full moon. There have been a lot of feelings that have come up. I started noodling around on You Tube, then remembered I’d written a blog about Feeling Free Enough to Dance and shine..
This little girl certainly felt free to dance her own way.

So did this child.

If these aren’t enough there’s always the chicken.


Woohoo!! Dance Forever (in our own way)


Probabilities… what I described as the spectrum of certainty in the workshop. It’s a sense, grounded in analysis or intuition or guess about how certain we feel about something. It helpful to my analytical mind to connect this to math and physics, too.