Laughter Lifts Our Vibrations

So I signed up for Carol Look’s class Power Up your Momentum and tapped a lot about joy, ease, fun and how these emotions lift our vibrations. Laughter has gotten me through some tough times. I remember my mother asking, “how can you laugh at a time like this?” Yes I cry too and hard. I also get depressed and angry but sometimes I can laugh at the stupidest stuff. Like the time my lips were sewn together for six weeks. It was one of the funniest times in my life. I blogged about it.

Because I love to laugh I created my fun page on Facebook and enjoy scouting around for funny things to post.
I subscribe to the Chicken Soup For the Soul daily stories which are uplifting and often funny. I bought this book 101 Feel Good Stories and laughed out loud at some of the stories. :rofl:

So how do you have fun? What tickles your funnybone ? What do you do to lift your vibrations? I’m sure everyone has their own ways to have fun, find joy and lift their vibrations. I’d love to learn about yours if it feels right to you to share.


I admit that I have a taste for what gets called ‘dark humour’. Not all of it of course. I’m devoted to humour but not at all costs. I can appreciate the structure of a joke even if I find the content of the joke repulsive, if that makes sense. And I also enjoy silly, Dad joke humour too.

I think ‘dark humour’ is important because it addresses those things we find most disturbing…it, quite literally, laughs in the face of ‘the darkness’ of living and says 'Ha…I’m not so afraid of you that you have captured my ability to laugh and to find you laughable and enjoy my life.’…or something like that. Humour is one of the single most potent resources we have in our Thriving arsenal and I, personally, find it difficult to be around people who have a heavily calloused funny-bone…who seem to have no interest in laughter. I would quite honestly say that my instinct for finding humour in life has allowed me to survive as long as I have…and that’s no joke. :slight_smile:


I love “clever” jokes, and sometimes a dorky Alexa one. Physical humor of laughing and giggling with the kids gives me the most juice. Contact improv dance has lots of opportunities for such playful spontaneous laughter, too.

I sense I’ve let myself become a bit more on the serious earnest side of my self-expression recently. Time for more humor, indeed!


Can you give a couple of examples of “dark humor”? Is that like the agoraphobic who gave a party and no one came?

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Chicken Soup for the soul wants more funny stories. They pay $200 and give you copies of the book your story is in. So if anyone has any funny stories to share here is the link @Glenn I bet you could write one or five :grinning: