Just an update…!

I feel like I should’ve written this a while back but I guess better late than never! I haven’t really been here much as my current journey has had me focusing on meditation and really learning to listen to my heart and soul more…! I do miss the community as well but it is definitely important that I honour what’s a YES for me too! I hope to still be able to hop back here when I’m able to, but otherwise I’ll be doing what’s I suppose my next phase of my healing journey, which is centred in meditation!


Meditation remains core for me, and it was where I really cultivated my inner clarity and calm. Holding a Sweet Meditative Smile for ya!


I do hope that you “hop back here” once in a while Jun Rong…I always enjoy how you reveal your self-discoveries in such an authentic and sincere manner…I’ve learned some important things about myself from you I feel. I wish you the best my friend!!


Thank you Rick! :wink:

I do hope I will haha @Glenn! You have no idea how much I’ve learnt from you too! :wink: The real skills workshop is something that I’ll try to keep up with, especially given how invaluable the content really is! And I definitely do also hope to send some updates on my own meditative journey when I can and share some of my own insights too!


I began a serious meditation practice too lately and it is important for me along with other practices. Glad you are taking care of yourself @Jun_Rong.